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Wildflower and Prairie Grass Mixes

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forward  Wildflower Mixes
Prairie Frontier offers 6 different wildflower mixes for varying conditions.
- Sun Mix, Partial Shade Mix, Butterfly and Bird Mix, Perennial Mix, Annual Mix, Low Growing Mix

forward  Wildflowers with Prairie Grass Mixes
Native grasses are a wonderful addition to wildflower beds. We have 6 mixes to choose from:
- Prairie Wildflower Mix, Supreme Wildflower & Prairie Grass Mix, Tall Prairie Grass with Wildflowers, Short Prairie Grass with Wildflowers, Native Meadow Mix, Native Woodland Edge Mix

forward  Specialty Wildflower Mixes
Special mixes designed for specific wants and needs.
- Butterfly Meadow Mix, Butterfly Garden, Septic Meadow Mix, Wildlife Mix, Detention Basin Mix, Pollinator Seed Mix, Pollinator Seed Mix Plus, Rain Garden, Cover Crop Mix

forward  Prairie Grass Mixes
We offer 5 different prairie grass mixes:
- Short Prairie Grass Mix, Short Prairie Grass Mix Plus, Prairie Grass Mix, Tall Prairie Grass Mix, Wetland Detention Mix

forward  Prairie Frontier Garden Samplers
Various assortments of perennial packets.
- Woodland Garden Sampler, Butterfly Garden Sampler, Short Prairie Wildflower Sampler, Tall Prairie Wildflower Sampler, Prairie Grass Sampler

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