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Wildflower and prairie grass seed by Prairie Frontier

Wildflower Natural Cultural Guide
Packets $1.50 each plus S&H

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Code # Common Name Scientific Name Type Cultural/Req. Height Color Bloom Packet/Mix
200 Annual Baby's Breath Gysophila elegans (white) A Sun/PSun-Dry 8"-18" Wht S Pkt?Mix
201 Arroyo Lupine Lupinus succulentus A Sun/Dry 24"-36" Blue Sp-S Mix
202 Baby Blue Eyes Nemophila menziesii A P/Shade-Dry/Moist 4"-12" Blue Sp-S Pkt/Mix
230 Balloon Flower Platycodon grandiflorus P Sun/PShd-Med/Dry 12"-18" Yel/Org S-F Pkt
203 Calendula Dwarf 'Family Circle' Calendula officinalis A Sun-Dry/Moist 12"-24" Yel/Org S-F Pkt/Mix
204 Candytuft Iberis umbellata A/P Sun/PSun-Dry/Moist 12"-18" Wht/Pnk/Vio S Pkt/Mix
205 Catchfly Silene armeria A Sun/PSun-Dry 16"-18" Pnk S Pkt/Mix
206 Chinese Forget-Me-Not Cynoglossum amabile A Sun/Shade-Dry/Moist 18"-24" Blue Sp-S Pkt/Mix


Columbine, Dwarf Aquileqia vulgaris



10"- 18"




207 Cornflower 'Jubilee Gem' Centaurea cyanus A Sun/PSun-Dry 12"-16" Blue S Packet/Mix
208 Cornflower 'Polka Dot' Mixed' Centaurea cyanus A Sun/PSun-Dry 12"-16" Mix S Packet/Mix
227 Cosmos 'Dwarf' Cosmos bipinnatus, Dwf A Sun/PSun-Dry 18"-30" Wt/Pk/Crims S-F Packet
228 Cosmos, Dwarf Bright Lights Cosmos sulphureus, Dwf A Sun/PSun-Med 12"-18" Yel/Org/Gld S-F Packet
209 Cosmos 'Sensation Mixed' Cosmos bipinnatus A Sun/PSun-Dry 24"-48" Wt/Pk/Crims S-F Packet
210 Dame's Rocket Hesperis matronalis P Sun/PSun-Dry-Moist 24"-48" Viol/Wht Sp-S N/A
227 Four O'Clocks Mirabilis jalapp A/P PShade-Dry/Moist 12"-36" Mix S-F Packet
211 Foxglove Digitalis purpurea B PShade-Dry/Moist 24"-48" Pur/Crm S Pkt/Mix
229 Gloriosa Daisy Rudbeckia hirta A Sun-Dry/Medium 24-36" Orange/Red S-F Packet
212 Golden Tuft Alyssum saxatile P Sun/Dry 8"-12" Yel Sp-S Pkt/Mix
213 Iceland Poppy Papaver nudicaule A/P Sun-Dry/Moist 12"-18" Yel/Org/Wht Sp-S Pkt/Mix
214 Johnny-Jump-Up Viola cornuta A Sun/PSun-Dry/Moist 4"-12" Pur/Yel/Blu Sp-S Pkt/Mix
215 Mountain Phlox Linanthus grandiflores A Sun/Dry 12"-24" Wht/Lav Sp-S Mix


Perennial Baby's Breath Gypsophila paniculata







217 Red Poppy Papaver rhoeas A Sun/PSun-Dry 12"-24" Red S Packet/Mix
218 Scarlet Flax Linum grandiflorum rubrum A Sun-PSun-Dry/Moist 12"30" Scarlet S Packet/Mix
219 Shasta Daisy Chrysanthemum maximum P Sun/PShade-Dry/Moist 16"-24" Wht S Packet/Mix
220 Shasta Daisy Dwarf Chrysanthemum maximum P Sun/PShade-Dry/Moist 12"-16" Wht S Pkt/Mix
221 Shirley Poppy Papaver rhoeas A Sun/PSun-Dry 12"-24" Red/Pnk/Wht S Packet/Mix
222 Sulfur Cosmos 'Bright Lights' Cosmos sulphureus A Sun/PSun-Dry 24"-48" Org/Red/Yel S-F Packet
223 Sulfur Cosmos, Yellow Cosmos sulphureus A Sun/PSun-Dry 24"-48" Yel S-F Packet
229 Sunflower, Sungold Double Helanthus annus A Sun/PSun-Dry/Moist 24"-60" Yello S-F Packet
224 Sweet Alyssum Lobularia maritima A Sun/PSun-Dry/Moist 8"-16" White Sp-F Pkt/Mix
225 Toadflax Linaria maroccana A Sun/PSun-Dry 12"-24" Pnk/Yel/Viol Sp-S Packet/Mix
226 Wallflower Cheiranthus allionii P Sun/PSun-Dry/Moist 10"-18" Org Sp-S Packet/Mix
96 Yellow Flag Iris vpseudacorus P Sun-Wet 2'-3' Yel S N/A

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