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Naturalized Wildflower Pictures 215-219

By Prairie Frontier

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Mountain Phlox

Linanthus grandiflores

Poor Man's Weather Glass

Anagallis arvensis caerula

Red Poppy

Attracts Birds
Papaver rhoeas
Lovely blossoms of red make this easily grown flower a favorite. A hardy annual native to Europe, which has naturalized throughout the United States, it blooms May thru July and grows to a height of 1'-3'. It prefers well drained soil in full sun to partial shade. Sow on the surface in early spring to summer or fall after frost. Naturalized-Annual

Scarlet Flax

Linum grandiflorum rubrum
An annual that gives way to an astonishing array of deep scarlet blossoms May thru September. It is native to southern Europe but has naturalized throughout the United States. Reaching a height of 1'-2' it can tolerate hot, dry conditions. Prefers full sun in well drained soils. Sow early spring to summer or fall after frost 1/16" deep. Naturalized-Annual

Shasta Daisy

Attracts Butterflies
Chrysanthemum maximum
This hardy perennial forms dense colonies once established. Native to Europe, it has naturalized throughout all regions of the U.S. Shasta Daisies with their white petals and golden yellow centers reach a height of 1'-3'. Prefers full sun to partial shade in fertile soil. Start indoors or sow seed 1/8" deep spring, summer or fall after frost. Naturalized-Perennial


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