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Naturalized Wildflower Pictures 200-204

By Prairie Frontier

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Annual Baby's Breath

Gysophila elegans (white)
The flowers of this plant are white, forming dense delicate clusters. A hardy annual able to withstand periods of short term drought. Native to Europe, it has naturalized throughout the eastern United States. This plant will grow to a height of 1'-2', blooms May thru August and prefers full sun to partial shade in well drained soils.

Arroyo Lupine

Lupinus succulentus

Baby Blue Eyes

Nemophila menziesii
A hardy annual that will grow best in full sun to partial shade on well-drained soils that are damp. The spreading, branched stems of this flower grow 1-2" and in pairs. The leaves are hairy and have rounded lobes. The 1-1 1/2" flower has 5 broad blue petals, 5 stamens and opens or closes in response to the air temperature. Companion plants could be California Poppy or Western Shooting Star.

Calendula Dwarf "Family Circle"

Attracts Butterflies
Calendula officinalis
A hardy annual of yellow and orange blossoms that blooma June thru Sept. Calendula has a growing height of 12"-24" can be expected in dry to light moisture soils in full sun to light shade.


Attracts Butterflies
Iberis umbellata
A robust annual native to Europe that has adapted to all regions of the U.S. It produces white, pink, or lilac flowers which bloom June thru Sept. and reach a height of 1'-2'. Does well in full sun in well drained soils.

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