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Big Bluestem was the dominant species of the tallgrass prairies.
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Prairie Grass
Cultural Guide
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Code # Common Name Scientific Name Type Cultural/Req. Height Color Blooms Season Packet/Mix
322 Beak Grass Diarrhena americana P Sun/LShd-Med/Dry 12"-36" Grn-Gold S Warm Pkt
300 Big Bluestem Andropogon gerardi P Sun-Dry/Moist 36"-72" Grn-Red F Warm Pkt/Mix
314 Blue Grama Bouteloua gracilis P Sun-Dry/Med 6"-18" Grn-Gold F Warm Pkt
351 Blue Joint Grass Calamagrostis canadensis P Sun/PShd-Med/Moist 48" Grn S Warm Pkt
310 Bottlebrush Grass Hystrix patula P PShade/Med-Dry 36"-60" Grn-Gld F Warm Packet
319 Buffalo Grass Buchloe dactyloides P Sun/Medium 4"- 6" Green F Warm Packet
301 Canada Wild Rye Elymus canadensis P Sun/PSun-Moist/Dry 36"-48" Grn-Gld F Cool Pkt/Mix
335 Fowl Manna Grass Glyceria striata P Sun/PShd-Moist/Wet 1'-3' Grn-Yel S Cool Pkt/Mix
303 Indian Grass Sorghastrum nutans P Sun-Dry/Moist 36"-72" Grn/Gld F Warm Pkt/Mix
304 Little Bluestem Andropogon scoparius P Sun-Dry/Moist 24"-36" Grn-Red F Warm Pkt/Mix
305 Porcupine Grass Stipa spartea P Sun-Dry/Moist 36"-48" Grn/yel S Cool Packet
313 Prairie Brome Bromus kalmii P Sun/ltshd-Med/Moist 12"-36" Grn/yel S Warm Packet
323 Prairie Brome, Fringed Bromus ciliatus P Sun/LShd-Med/Moist 24"-48" Grn/Gold S Warm Packet
312 Prairie Cordgrass Spartina pectinata P Sun-Dry/Moist 36"-96" Grn/yel F Warm Packet
311 Prairie Dropseed Sporobolus heterolepis P Sun-Mst/Dry 24"-36" Grn-Gld S Warm Packet
306 Prairie June Grass Koeleria cristata P Sun-Dry 12""-2"4" Grn S Cool Pkt/Mix
350 Prairie Satin Grass Muhlenbergia cuspidata P Sun-Med/Dry 12" Grn S Warm Pkt
321 Rattlesnake Grass Glyceria canadensis P Sun/PShd-Wet/Moist 2'-3' Grn Spr Cool Packet
336 Reed Manna Grass Glyceria grandis P Sun-Wet 3'-5' Grn S   Packet
337 Rice Cut Grass Leersia orysoides P Sun/PShd-Wet 2'-4' Grn S   Packet
335 Riverbank Wild Rye Elymus riparius P Sun/PShd-Dry/Moist 2'-4' Grn S   Packet
317 Sand Dropseed Sporobolus cryptandrus P Sun/PShd-Dry/Med 1'-4' Grn Fall Warm Packet
352 Scribner's Panic Grass Panicum scribnerianum P Sun/PShd-Med/Dry 12" Grn S Warm Pkt
307 Side Oats Grama Bouteloua curtipendula P Sun-Dry/Moist 24"-36" Grn-Pur F Warm Pkt/Mix
320 Silky Wild Rye Elymus villosis P PShd/Shd-Med/Moist 2'-3' Gold Spr Cool Packet
315 Slender Wheat Grass Agropyron trachycaulum P Sun-Dry/Moist 18"-36" Grn-Yel S Warm Pkt/Mix
318 Sweet Grass Hierochloe odorata P Sun/PSun-Wet/Moist 1'- 2' Green Spr Cool N/A
308 Switch Grass Panicum virgatum P Sun/PSun-Dry/Moist 36"-60" Grn/Gld F Warm Pkt/Mix
309 Virginia Wild Rye Elymus virginicus P Sun/PShade-Wet/Moist 24"-48" Grn-Blu/Grn F Cool Pkt/Mix
314 Wood Reed Grass Cinna arundinacea P Sun-Dry/Moist 3'-4' Grn S Warm N/A

Rushes and Sedges
Code # Common Name Scientific Name Type Cultural/Req. Height Color Blooms Packet/Mix
353 Awl-fruited Oval Sedge Carex tribuloides P Sun/PShd-Wet/Moist 18"-36" Grn S Packet
324 Bebb's Sedge Carex bebbii P Sun-Med/Moist 12"-24" Grn S Packet
325 Bristly Sedge Carex comosa P Sun-Wet/Moist 12"-36" Grn S Packet
326 Bottlebrush Sedge Carex hystericina P Sun-Wet/Moist 12"-36" Grn S Packet
348 Chairmakers Rush (Salt tolerant) Scirpus pungens P Sun-Wet 2'-5' Grn S Packet
345 Common Rush Juncus effusus P Sun/PShd-Med/Moist 24" Grn S Packet
340 Copper-Shouldered Oval Sedge Carex bicknellii P Sun-Moist/Med 36" Grn S Packet
334 Crowfoot Fox Sedge Carex crus-corvi P Sun-Wet/Moist 24"-36" Grn S Packet
331 Dark Green Bullrush Scirpus atrovirens P Sun-Wet/Moist 36"-60" Grn-Brn S Packet
329 Dudley's Rush Juncus dudleyi P Sun-Moist/Med 12"-36" Grn S Packet
302 Fox Sedge Carex vulpinoidea P Sun/PShd-Wet/Moist 12"-36" Grn-Yel S Pkt/Mix
341 Fringed Sedge Carex crinita P Sun/PShd-Moist/Wet 36" Grn S Packet
349 Great Bulrush (Salt tolerant) Scripus validus P Sun-Moist/Wet 6' Grn S Packet
342 Long Awned Bracted Sedge Carex gravida P Sun/PShd-Moist/Wet 12"-24" Grn S Packet
343 Long Beaked Sedge Carex sprengelii P Sun/PShd-Moist/Wet 24" Grn S Packet
327 Narrow-leaved Cattail Sedge Carex squarrosa P Sun/Shd/Wood-Wet/Moist 24"-36" Grn S Packet
344 Needle Spiked Sedge Eleocharis acicularis P Sun-Moist/Wet 8" Grn S Packet
330 Path Rush Juncus tenuis P Sun-Moist/Dry 2"-14" Grn S Packet
347 Red Bulrush Scripus pendulus P Sun-Moist/Dry 2'-4' Grn S Packet
346 Torrey's Rush (Salt tolerant) Juncus torreyi P Sun-Moist/Dry 12" Grn S Packet
328 Tussock Sedge Carex stricat P Sun/Shd-Wet/Moist 12"-48" Grn-Brn S Packet
332 Wool Grass Scirpus cyperinus P Sun-Wet/Moist 36"-60" Grn-Brn S Packet

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