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Naturalized Wildflower Pictures 210-214

By Prairie Frontier

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Dames Rocket

Attracts Birds
Hesperis matronalis


Attracts Birds
Digitalis purpurea
One of the prettiest of wildflowers, Foxglove has numerous blossoms on a spike and range from deep purple to lilac. As a biennial, the leaves form a rosette the first year, followed by the flower spike the second year. Does best on moist to dry sites in partial shade and grows 2'-4' in height. Naturalized-Biennial

Golden Tuft

Iceland Poppy

Attracts Birds
Papaver nudicaule
A hardy perennial native to the arctic regions of North America. The radiant white, yellow or orange flowers are individually isolated on an upright hairy stem, producing dazzling spashes of color when planted in masses. Prefers full sun in dry to moist light soils and grows 12"-18" in height. For best results plant in fall but it can be planted in spring or summer. Naturalized-Biennial


Viola cornuta
The vibrant blossoms of this flower are deep purple and yellow, creating a solid carpet of color for weeks. It blooms May thru August and grows 4"-12". It does well in moist to dry soils and sun to partial shade. Picking the faded blossoms will prolong the blooming period. Start indoors or sow seed 1/16" deep spring, summer or fall after frost.


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