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Flower Families


This is a convenient primary grouping of all those plants that share an
association of enough distingishing features to suggest common origin.
There are some flower families that are closely related while others seem
very different. Though characteristics may vary, certain traits are shared.
Fortunately, there are normally enough external features to identify
a plant. Using noted characters of petals, sepals and leaves, the plant
families are divided into eleven groups.


The genus is a more geologically recent division of the family. It is a group
of kinds of plants that share many basic indicators of relationship but
are different in external details. (leaf shape, flower color or size, habitat)


Species is a subdivision of the genus. It is a relatively uniform individual
plant kind. It's distinct enough in structure and behavior to be recognized
as a named individual plant.
  • Hybrid - Produced when 2 species cross together.
  • Variety, Form, Subspecies - Minor subdivisions of species.
  • Cultivar- Type of plant that has been produced artificially.

  • 11 Main Families

    Liliaceae - Lily Family Fabaceae - Bean Family
    Cruciferae - Mustard Family Umbelliferae - Parsley Family
    Caryophyllaceae - Pink Family Polygonaceae - Smartweed Family
    Ranunculaceae - Buttercup Family Campanulaceae - Bellflower Family
    Rosaceae - Rose Family Lamiaceae - Mint Family
    Compositae or Asteraceae - Daisy or Aster Family

    Flower Parts

    flower parts

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