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Sanguinaria canadensis
These ever popular white wildflowers with their yellow centers are one of the first bloomers in spring. Bloodroot got it's name from the reddish-orange juice found in it's stem and root. This wildflower has a single broadly heart-shaped leaf with 5-9 distinguishing lobes. The seed pods are formed quickly, but ants are there quickly to carry off the seeds to bury. This plants reach a height of 2 feet under ideal conditions and can survive with up to 6 hours of sunlight each day.

Eupatorium perfoliatum
This native plant, a cousin of the Joe Pye Weed forms attractive white flower clusters that appear July thru September. The plant attracts nectar-seeking butterflies and reaches a height of 2'-5'. It prefers full sun and moist to average soil. Companion plants could be, New England Aster (Aster novae-angliae) and Stiff Goldenrod (Solidago rigida).
  Bunch Berry
Cornus canadensis
A native erect perennial plant blooming May thru Sept. This plant reaches a height of 4"-8" and its red berries appear late summer. Grows well under evergreens or in other acidic locations.
Bunch Berry
  Campion, Starry
Silene stellata
A plant with its white colored blooms, reaches a height of 2'-4'. Starry Campion does well in medium to dry soils in full sun to light shade. This wildflower blooms July thru October.
  Canadian Milk Vetch
Astragalus canadensis
Creamy white to yellow spiked flowers arise from these plants in mid-summer reaching a height of 2'-3'. This member of the Pea family resembles Wild Lupine in flower development. An excellent food source for birds. This plant does best in full sun to partial shade and in well drained medium to dry soils. Companion plants could be, Big Bluestem (Andropogon geradi) and Rough Blazingstar (Liatris aspera).

Culver's Root
Veronicastrum virginicum
This distinctive prairie plant is found in moist meadows in full sun to partial shade. These plants form white candle shaped spikes for blooms that point upward. The whorled leaves surround the stem and can get up to 6" long. This member of the snapdragon family blooms mid-summer an is a butterfly favorite. Companion plants could be Swamp Milkweed Asclepias incarnata, Prairie Dock Silphium terebinthinaceum, and Wild Bergamot Monarda fistulosa.
Culver's Root


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