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Red and Orange Native Wildflower Pictures
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By Prairie Frontier

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Orange Hawkweed
Hieracium aurantiacum
Orange Hawkweed

Prairie Smoke
Geum triflorum
A distinctive prairie plant that produces feathery plumes giving the flowerheads a wispy, smokey appearance. The flowerheads are reddish-purple in in color and never appear to be entirely open but are easily pollinated by early spring insects. The leaves are fern-like and hairy and grow in clumps from the rootstock. It is a hardy cool season (blooms mid to late spring) plant from the rose family that can be grown in full sun to partial shade. Grows to 1' in a wide range of soil conditions in zones 2-5.
Prairie Smoke

Scarlet Sage
Salvia coccinea
A tender perennial that can be grown as an annual, grows 1-2 feet in height. Plant in full sun on well-drained soils. Requires little watering once it is established. Native to Southeast USA it blooms summer to fall.

Turks Cap Lily
Lilium superbum
This flame-colored beauty grows 2'- 4' in wet to mesic areas. The orange to orange-red flowers have recurved, spotted petals with 2"- 4" sepals and leaves that are pointed on both ends that are 2-6 inches in length. Blooms late June to August. Suggested companion plants could be Wild Iris, Big Bluestem, Culvers Root, Bergamot and Golden Alexanders.
Turks Cap Lily

Yarrow, Rosey Red
Achillea millefolium red
Fern-like foliage with red to pink, compact flower heads. Blooms summer thru fall, and reaches a height of 2'. White yarrow is drought tolerant and is used in dried flower arrangements. This plant can be aggressive in some gardens.
Rosey Red Yarrow

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