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Blue and Purple Native Wildflower Pictures
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By Prairie Frontier

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Dotted Mint
Monarda punctata
This member of the mint family grows to 3' tall and enjoys sandy conditions. The purple bracts of this plant are most noticeable but in all reality the flowers are a pale yellow with purple spots. It blooms midsummer to early fall and enjoys full sun to light shade in well drained sandy soils.
Dotted Mint

Campanula rotundifolia
The delicate bell-shaped flowers of this perennial make it an attractive addition to any garden. Basal leaves are rounded but narrow towards the top of this plant that normally grows 12"- 18" in height. The plant will grow in a variety of habitats from dry prairies to woods or along streams.

Missurica fasciculata
This perennial has tough stems with sharp-toothed leaves. It grows to heights of 2' to 5' tall and prefers moist or low places in prairies. Each flowerhead has 10 or more florets that are reddish purple in color. Blooms late summer.

Ironweed, Common
Vernonia fasciculata
This native is a relative of the Joe Pye Weed. It produces bright reddish-purple flower clusters that bloom in July-September and grows best in full sun to light shade in moiste to medium well drained soils. Common Ironweed reaches a height of 4'6' and is a butterfly favorite.

Lavender Hyssop
Agastache foemiculum
This member of the mint family provides purple spikes atop dark green foliage. The plant reaches a height of 1'-2' and grows well in moderately rich, well-drained soils in full sun to light shade.
Lavendar Hyssop

Amorpha canescens
The oval leaden-gray leaves covered with dense short hairs give this native prairie plant its common name. Small clusters of purplish flowers sit atop 4"-6" stems of this hardy perennial. This low shrub grows 3' tall above the ground it has a deep branching taproot. Leadplant blooms late spring to mid-summer and enjoys sun to light shade. It does best in dry to mesic prairies and open savannas.


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