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Wildflower and prairie grass seed by Prairie Frontier

    Annual- A Plant whose life cycle from seed to mature plant, producing flowers, fruits and seeds, is completed in a single growing season. After seeds are produced, the plant usually dies.

    Bearded- Bearing long or stiff hairs.

    Biennial- A plant whose life cycle extends over two growing seasons. The first year the seed germinates and produces a seedling that usually remains short of the winter. The second growing season the seedling rapidly grows, flowers, produces seeds and then dies.

    Clasping- A leaf whose base partly or wholly surrounds the stem.

    Dormancy- The resting or inactive phase of plants or seeds. Dormancy of shoots is usually in response to unfavorable environmental conditions. The breaking of seed dormancy requires moisture, sometimes cold temperatures and/or abrasion of the seed coat.

    Family- A group of plants having biologically similar features. (flower anatomy, fruit type, etc.)

    Genus- A group of closely related species, such as the genus rosaceae, encompassing the roses.

    Germination- The breaking of dormancy in seeds or the sprouting of pollen grains deposited on a stigma.

    Habitat- The kind of environment inhabited by a particular species.

    Mesic- Refers to a habitat that is well-drained but usually moist through most of the growing season.

    Node- The place on a stem where the leaves or branches are attached.

    Perennial- A plant that normally lives for 3 years or more.

    pH- A measure of the acidity/alkalinity of a substance ranging for 0 (strongly acidic) to 14 (strongly alkaline), 7 is neutral.

    Pollination- The transfer of pollen from an anther to a stigma.

    Propagation- Increasing the numbers of plants through cuttings, seeds or divisions.

    Rhizobia- Microorganisms that inhabit nodules on the roots of the members of the bean family. They have the ability to take nitrogen from the air and create nitrogen compounds that the host plant can use.

    Rhizome- A horizontal underground stem with buds and roots thats usually branched and often appears enlarged by food storage.

    Runner- A stem that grows on the surface of the soil that often develops new plants at the nodes or the tip.

    Scarification- Abrasion of the seed coat allowing water and oxygen into the seed, thereby helping to improve germination in some species.

    Seed Coat- The outer protective covering of a seed.

    Species- A fundamental category of classification ranking below a genus.

    Stratification- The chilling of seeds to improve germination.

    Wildflower- A herbaceous species of plant that is capable of growing, reproducing and becoming established without actual cultivation.

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