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Yellow Native Wildflower Pictures
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By Prairie Frontier

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Goldenrod, Gray
Solidago nemoralis
Sometimes called Old-field Goldenrod, this native spreads by rhizomes and it's root system binds the soil. This plant is found in old fields as well as prairies. The arching stalks of this golden-yellow wildflower are very noticeable in early fall. It grows to a height of 1'-2' and does well in sandy, dry and poor soils in full sun.
Gray Goldenrod

Goldenrod, Ohio
Solidago ohioensis
The Goldenrod with the most foliage best describes this wildflower. Its massive dome shaped flower heads add plenty of color to any planting. This native grows best in medium to moist rich soils in full sun and reaches a height of 2'-4'.

Goldenrod, Riddell
Solidago riddellii
A native perennial that does well in medium soils and in full sun. This wildflower grows 2'-3' in height and blooms August thru October.

Goldenrod, Showy
Solidago speciosa
The prettiest of the Goldenrods, this native plant forms large golden plumes 4"-12" long on single stalks that reach a height of 2'-4'. This goldenrod is smashing when grown alongside Indian Grass (Sorghastrum nutans). It grows well in medium to dry sandy soils in full sun to light shade.

Goldenrod, Stiff
Solidago rigida
A very showy goldenrod that is a Monarch favorite as well as many other species of butterflies. This plant is of single stalks, branched near the top to make clusters of flat topped flower heads. Easy to grow from seed, this plant has a very deep root system to survive in extreme drought conditons. This plant reaches a height of 1'-5' and grows well in dry to medium sandy soils in full sun. Companion plants can be Western Sunflower (Helianthus occidentalis), Yellow Coneflower (Ratibida pinnata), and Big Bluestem (Andropogon gerardi).

Indian Blanket
Gaillardia aristata
A close resemblance to its perennial cousin, this annual wildflower blooms the first year well into fall. Its red flowers with yellow margins make this a beautiful addition to any prairie planting or wildflower garden. This wildflower can be found on prairies, roadsides, and sandy fields. Is adaptable to a wide range of soils. Grows 1'-2' in height in full sun.
Indian Blanket


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